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Urban Climate Architects, founded in The Hague in 2009 by Tim Vermeend, has nowadays 30 highly educated employees and is located in Delft and Groningen in The Netherlands.

We love Art and the freedom it has to keep us moving forward.
We love the Art of creating as a craftsmanship.
We love nature.

Urban Climate Architects is a company that improves urban areas by giving existing and new buildings quality by design. As a team we work on small adjustments and big transformations. Our designs respect the past while easily blend in with the present. We think out of the box, but we always make sure that our designs match with the aesthetics of the area.

At Urban Climate Architects we want to get the most out of the buildings. Therefore we will not avoid technical issues. We concentrate on the whole process: from designing, to getting the right building regulations and obtaining the correct permits.

Considering the future we aim to design all our projects in an energy neutral and sustainable way. Therefore we strongly believe in using ecological and circular materials.