Circular residential building in Delft officially opened

Circular residential building in Delft officially opened.

In the centre of Delft, a residential building with 12 flats has been realised, which is entirely made of a bio-based solid wood CLT construction.
On Thursday, April 8th, the building was officially opened by Anne Koning, member of the Provincial Executive for housing, spatial planning, recreation and sport for the province of South Holland, and Karin Schrederhof, alderwoman for housing in Delft.

The plan was developed in a circular manner, with the existing foundation being completely reused and a new three-layer shell being placed on the existing foundation of a single-layer building. As many materials as possible were reclaimed from the existing building, such as the wooden trusses and the roof tiles, and reused in the new building.
The façade is designed as a traditional inner-city brick façade, in which craftsmanship plays a central role. A lime mortar was also used for the masonry, making the bricks easy to reuse.
The wooden shell is fully demountable and was installed in three weeks, which means that the entire construction was completed in less than six months.
In addition to the pleasant wooden appearance on the inside, which makes a positive contribution to moisture management in the indoor climate, the building is one big CO2 storage, which offers a solution for building in areas where nitrogen can be a problem.
Naturally, the project is gasless and almost energy-neutral. Radiant panels provide comfortable warmth in the flats, heat pump boilers with heat recovery supply hot tap water and the PV panels on the roof provide energy.

Attention has also been paid to biodiversity and warmth in the city. The roof is equipped with a vegetation roof, which prevents unwanted heating under the roof in summer, and creates a habitat for animals in the city. Bat boxes and nesting boxes have been incorporated into the facades.
We optimised the construction in wood in such a way that the project was realised at a market price, with which it can compete with a traditional construction in concrete or stone. This project is an example of a modern and innovative residential building and is easily scalable to other inner-city locations.

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