Building the city!

In Deventer, the area between the NS railway station and the city center will be transformed in the coming years into a vibrant and inspiring area, where working, living and learning reinforce each other, City Campus the Kien Deventer.

The development of Pikeursbaan 9,11 & Verzetslaan 30 is currently in full swing. Commissioned by Veldboom, the existing office buildings are being transformed by Urban Climate Architects and scaled up into housing, with the existing offices from Witteveen+Bos receiving a public and inviting plinth. The ensemble will be embedded in a landscape environment, where greenery and meeting are principles and contribute to a high-quality outdoor space.

Currently, the transformation and topping up of Pikeursbaan 9 is in progress. A great example of respecting and reusing existing buildings, making them future-proof, and meeting the housing need.

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