Dennis Hauer is Building Life Ambassador of the DGBC (Dutch Green Building Council)!

There is urgency to achieve CO2 targets within the entire building sector. Indeed, research shows that of all the CO2 emitted during the construction and use of a building, more than a third is released during construction and maintenance.
We will need to make the entire construction chain more sustainable. From CO2-neutral buildings to CO2-neutral production, construction and demolition/reuse! Material bound emissions are currently a blind spot in addressing CO2 emissions.

Urban Climate Architects has a mission: to show that sustainable, livable and circular building is possible everywhere (including downtown) and not just reserved for more expensive housing.
We specialize in sustainable and circular wood building projects. We shape urbanization responsibly.
We intensify the city and in doing so we relieve nature. Thus we leave nature in its value and create opportunities within the existing city limits.

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