Design and build with Circular wood systems

Urban Climate Architects has always been an agency that focuses on sustainability and circularity and that continues to innovate. One of our ambitions in the field of sustainable construction is to build and design as much as possible with solid wooden structures.

Various timber construction projects are currently in design and under construction, the first project of which the implementation has recently started is the in-house development of 12 Circular apartments on the Molslaan in Delft; the transformation of an existing school building into a three-layer city block with 4 houses per layer. In the design, the supporting structure and roof construction consist entirely of CLT walls and floors. This wooden construction remains visible on a large part of the walls and ceilings.

The big advantage of building in CLT is that no new foundation is needed at this location. So a 3-storey wooden residential building can be realized on the foundation of an existing 1-layer building, so that no expensive reinforcements or extra piles are required.

The existing building is currently being disassembled, with the available materials being stored in a materials bank. Everything that can be reused in the new building, such as the roof tiles, is used again in this project. For the new materials to be used, biobased materials are used as much as possible, and as much as possible is carried out releasably.

It is expected that the wooden construction will be installed in the summer, in about 2.5 weeks the main structure of the building will be placed, after which the building and the houses can be finished. Compared to traditional construction, this means considerably less construction time, which is also a great advantage for building in the existing city in a difficult to access location.

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