Living in the city centre with a welcoming and green atmosphere

Monetpassage, Emmen (NL)
In shopping centre ‘De Weiert’ in Emmen a large commercial unit is being transformed into housing. In addition, two new stories will be added on top of the existing roof where a second street level is formed. This new roof landscape includes common outdoor spaces that facilitate encounters between residents. The project contains a total of 21 apartments, each with their own private outdoor space. On the ground floor a smaller commercial unit remains next to a spacious entrance zone that connects the shopping street with the Willinkhof square in the back of the building. Our goal is to create a welcoming and green residential atmosphere where people will feel at home and have all the amenities of the city centre just outside their doorstep.

“The future-proof design will be energy neutral and contains biobased materials.”

#transformation #reuse of existing structure #new layer of time on the city #inviting #biobased