New élan at the Plesmanlaan

At a prominent location in Leiden, #UrbanClimateArchitects has designed a special transformation. From a concrete office block to an energy-efficient residential building. The existing concrete building is transformed and extended into an inviting residential building. The smart and light interventions provide an expansion of approximately 11,000 m2. In the new situation 420 homes will be added to Leiden with nice supporting functions. On the roofs there will be collective outdoor space for the homes and in the courtyard a beautiful inner garden will be realized.

#Urbanclimatearchitects would not be called Urban Climate architects if they did not do their best for the environment. The existing shell will be reused, so no new construction is needed, which saves a lot of CO2. The facade will be replaced by a new prefab facade with a high insulation value. This facade is also lighter, which creates space to add three layers to the existing structure without having to make changes to the foundation and which is also remountable. Also the small inhabitants of the city are taken into account, biodiversity is added to improve the living conditions of both the animals and the new residents.

Thanks to the owner Urban Interest for the trust and thanks to all consultants (Adviesbureau Tielemans BV, Techniplan Adviseurs and DGMR) with whom we were able to solve this difficult puzzle. This building will last for many decades to come!

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