New UCA Office At The Spoorsingel In Delft

UCA Delft is going to move to a new office! Due to the growth of the company, the current UCA office

at Koornmarkt 48F in Delft became too small. The idea behind this project is to use circular materials

to transform the former garage at the Spoorsingel in Delft into the new UCA office. It is expected that

the transformation will be completed at the end of 2017.

13 September 2017 – The Beginning

Here you can see how the garage looks like with the classic cars still in it. These cars will be removed


05 October 2017 – Space

After the classic cars are removed, you can really see what space there is!

11 November 2017 – Beauty Needs Hard Work

The first step to physically make changes of the transformation of the new UCA office has been done.