Transformation officebuilding into a Hotel, The Hague

The building was originally built as a printing office at the beginning of the last century. In the nineties it was transformed into a school- and office building. During this time also parts of the original building were changed and replaced. The main transformation then was the entrance of the new parking garage. This was part of the redevelopment of the entire area into housing. Now the building is being transformed again and is going to house a boutique hotel with 81 rooms.

As part of this transformation the façade is being restored into a more daring shape, especially the entrances and windows. Also the roof is being replaced, in which an extra floor will be added. The new hotel will have public spaces on the ground floor, and rooms which will use the high space of the existing floors to create rooms with mezzanines, so a
separate bedroom can be made. Construction starts before the summer and the hotel will open its doors in the spring of 2021.

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