On the corner of Oudedijk and Waterloostraat in Kralingen, a new urban villa is coming to life!

At a prominent location in Rotterdam’s Kralingen district, a stately new head-end building will be built. The junction of Oudedijk and Waterloostraat has been an empty spot for decades since the demolition of the former head building serving the construction of the metro. This urban void will now be filled by a four-storey CLT building that will contain four spacious apartments. The new head building serves as an urban termination for the street and seeks a connection with the protected cityscape. The brick façade fits with the surrounding buildings, but is enhanced with refined materials that give the building a warm and modern look. In order to preserve the views to the neighbouring monumental Hoflaankerk, the top floor is designed as a separate, lighter volume with setbacks and a brighter facade.”

A beautiful addition adding quality and new housing to Rotterdam.

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