Parisproof in Pijnacker



De Kiem is a new residential neighborhood in Pijnacker, developed by JansenDeJong, Revolve Development where a wide range of housing types will be realized in a natural setting. The area forms the transition between an urban area with ground-level housing and the surrounding landscape, whereby the residential buildings will be situated in a green wedge. Biodiversity is of paramount importance. Approximately 40% of the area will consist of greenery and water.


Urban Climate Architects designed the final piece of the district, KNOEST. The shape and appearance of the new residential building is in keeping with the green and landscape setting. The building is designed as an open and inviting building, where the staggered spacious outdoor spaces provide an open appearance to the environment. The facade will be executed in natural, biobased materials, as a contrast to the predominantly brick architecture in the other buildings. The plinth connects to the landscape by incorporating greenery and also providing housing for flora and fauna in the area, such as nesting boxes, bee hotels and a local planting against the facades.

The five-story building has an all-wood CLT structure which remains largely in view so you can experience the positive and healthy look of the wood in the apartments as well.


The building will house 29 apartments, with a diverse range of homes between 65m2 and 110m2.