The Urban Woods Delft

The Urban Woods is an ambitious hybrid housing concept for modern society. We are all about creating optimal experiences and celebrating people and the planet. The brand, the lifestyle, and the groundbreaking way of looking at how we live, give The Urban Woods its magnetic attraction. The Woods confront the housing market head-on and turn it upside down. This is what you get when visionary multi-entrepreneurs, digital polymaths, and lifestyle icons join hands with urban climate architects and biologists. A breath of fresh air that cities urge for.

Building better
The Urban Woods adopt a 360° sustainable approach. The wooden buildings are energy-neutral, climate-adaptive, and nature-inclusive. From balcony farming to net-zero technology, we are progressive in our approach to sustainability. The designs are based on the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals and ensure the best use of scarce resources and space. The Woods are wrapped in gardens, planted to bring back biodiversity to the city. Also, gamification is in the app: easy for residents to adopt conscious habits. In fact, it rewards them for it. Yes, we aim to build the most sustainable community ever.

Unique in the world: houses that adapt
There is no rent. It’s all subscription based with on-demand upgrades, allowing for the flexibility that today’s professional is looking for. It makes luxury levels adjustable on demand. Fluidity suits modern society. Each location offers shared spaces to work, socialize and chill. Sensors and technology make the experience optimal. The Urban Woods offer cocoons of calm and unity in the middle of bustling cities.

Lead the way
102 apartments in Delft, with another 5000 in the pipeline: Amsterdam, Groningen, Zwolle and more. We work with housing differently. We envision real estate as a platform for a brighter future for us all. The goal is ambitious: set examples so strong that positive change can no longer be ignored by the rest. We pursue 3 dreams: a connected stressless society, housing for all, and a sustainable industry.

Next generation leaders

When it comes to vision, knowledge, and experience, you won’t find more qualified leaders. Sebastian Monteban is a multi-entrepreneur and charismatic leader. He has an impressive track record in emerging lifestyle companies like Brandfield and ETQ Amsterdam. Tim Vermeend is the very first Urban Climate Architect. With his leading architecture firm, he has designed more than 78.000m2 of wooden bio-based buildings and inspired the world. Together with Jasmijn Rijcken – the brand-build machine famous for VANMOOF – and the tech leaders Jasper De Ridder and Berco Beute, this group has got it going.

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