UC Architects takes wood structures to the next step; 10 layers in wood without a concrete core

Commissioned by The Urban Woods, #Urbanclimatearchitects in collaboration with CLT-S and Arcadis is working on the next step in designing wooden high-rise buildings. With the realization of an all-wood 10-story residential building with no concrete or steel addition at its core, a serious step is being taken in the scale-up of wood construction.

The Urban Woods are born of wood. Even the core is made of wood; a GLT column and beam system with wooden diagonals in the facade combined with CLT walls and floors provide the necessary stability and optimal flexibility in the layout of the floor plans.

We love challenging projects that are fundamentally good and sustainable for our environment and we are excited that with this step, we can implement a larger part of the construction task in the Netherlands in wood.

#Urbanclimatearchitects is currently working on over 78,000m2 of #biobased wood construction projects throughout the Netherlands. Want to know more? Contact us, or drop by Provada on June 14, 15 and 16.

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