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De Stede

De Stede
De Stede
De Stede

De Stede

Housing is becoming a scarse comodity in the Dutch Urban landscape. One of the biggest challenges of the current architectural generation is to add qualitative housing to the cities. Expanding into the even scarser green zones does not fit the sustainability ambitions of our modern society. Thus, we need to be creative.

Creating quality by densification
De Stede is a shopping mall in The Hague. A masterplan was created to add quality to the shopping mall. By converting the unattractive back side from logistics to a front side with housing. In the process, we added 90 social housing apartments. Adding more public space also contributes to the quality of urban living and safety in the area. There is a car park on the ground level with apartments built on top of it. The aim of this project is to design new building blocks, well connected to the existing buildings and therefore creating a sense of merging. Similar building language and architectural elements create this coherence.

Project data

Function: Housing
Client: Urban Interest
Costs: Not publicised
Year: 2021
Gross floor space: 8930 m2
FSI / GSI / OSR 2.1 / 0.43 / 0.27

#densifying #addingquality #urban #fabric #optimaldaylight #socialsafety #blendinnewsuburbanism #housing

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