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This project is the tranformation of a former industrial area in teh city of Groningen. The area lies in a housing area where the new housing project will connect to the existing neighbourhood.

The 4 new building blocks will be placed on a underground parking garage so the groundlevel will stay free of cars. The building blockas are turned in a way to provide optimal view and create interesting outdoor spaces.

Project data

Functions: Housing / Parking
Client: Veldboom Vastgoed
Cost: € 35 mio
Year: 2020
Gross floor space: 20.000 m2
FSI / GSI / OSR: 7.07 / 0.82 / 0.03

#energyneutral #greenroof #circular #public #private #naturalmaterials #healthyinnerclimate #designwithgreen #buildingeco-friendly #BIM #densify #housing

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