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This project includes a renovation and an addition to an existing building. It used to be a home for the elderly build in the 60’s. Currently it is used as housing for students, a few offices and a hospice. It is situated in the Weizigt Park, which used to be an estate with a particular design. The Thureborgh is surrounded by the park. The park has been redesigned, with a great part that reaches back to the former design and additional elements that brings it up to date and in use.

In the future it will be a vibrant area with 451 small houses for students who are graduating and young professionals who are starting with their careers. Also the building will be an import stepping stone, not only in the urban context as a landmark, but also in use combined with the new entrance/bicycle storage towards central station. Parts of the building will be used as communal space for the residents and as commercial space, such as a small coffee corner, a grocery store or a diner.

451 units in general between 35-45 m2 with a few exeptions.

Project data

Functions: Housing
Year: 2021
Gross floor space: 23.4 m2
FSI / GSI / OSR: 3.12/ 0.54 / 0.15

#energyneutral #circular #naturalmaterials #sustainable #healthyinnerclimate #transformation #designtobuild #BIM #newfacade #comfortliving

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