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Van Stolkweg

Van Stolkweg 14

This building is situated in a park landscape. The area was designed to offer qualitative, green living space for the rich from the fin de siècle. It is characterised by luxurious villas with big gardens. Our building was the first housing project in the park and offered the same qualities for the less rich. Later on the building was transformed to offices.

Our assignment was to bring back qualitative living spaces to this building. Next to a thorough interior refurbishment, we made an external addition on the back and lofts on the roof. A new generation of residents can enjoy the same qualities as the residents of a century before!

Project data

Functions: Housing
Client: Urban Interest
Cost: € 9 mio
Year: 2019
Gross floor space: 7400 m2
FSI / GSI / OSR: 1,53 / 0,32 / 0,45

#reversible #healthyinnerclimate #roofterrace #transformation #addingvalue #designwithgreen #qualityhousing #brick #architecture

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